Dilli Ki Yogshala

Dilli Ki Yogshala is an initiative of the Government of the NCT of Delhi to make yoga reach door to door and to transform it into a mass movement by providing a certified yoga instructor to the public, free of cost. The aim is to highlight the importance of meditation and yoga in improving the physical and mental health of citizens. As an ancient practice, yoga has proven to be an effective means of improving the quality of one’s life. Through daily practice, one can inculcate mindfulness and be in greater harmony with their environment.

The Centre for Meditation and Yoga Sciences (CMYS) was established by the Delhi Pharmaceutical Sciences and Research University. CMYS launched diploma and certificate courses and enrolled 650+ students for the same. These students were then trained and certified to be yoga instructors, and will now be accessible to the people of Delhi.

An integral component of this initiative is to inculcate an enhanced sense of community within citizens. Citizens will have the opportunity to collectively experience mindfulness by coming together and performing meditation and yoga. Through this initiative, we aspire to make zones of meditation and positive thinking, out of venues that are chosen by you, for you.

To achieve this, certified instructors will be made available to all citizens. Each group needs to have a minimum of 25 members from a neighbourhood. The instructors will coordinate with a member of each group who shall be called “group coordinator”, to organise the classes. The group coordinator shall coordinate with the instructor and fix the time and venue (as deemed suitable by all participants) for the yoga classes.

The government is keen on highlighting the benefits of meditation and yoga for one’s physical and mental well-being. A shared sense of individual mindfulness will not only help our communities prosper, but also help them lead more meaningful lives. In our fast paced daily lives, we forgot that meditation and yoga have been part of our society and community since time immemorial. Thus, the Delhi Government is proud to bring meditation and yoga back to the forefront of our community and society – where it rightfully belongs.

About CMYS

The Government of Delhi, working in close association with the Delhi Pharmaceutical Sciences and Research University (DPSRU) established the Centre for Meditation and Yoga Sciences (CMYS) in 2021. The centre offers a Diploma and Certificate course in Meditation and Yoga Sciences.

This diploma aims to impart the fundamentals of meditation and yoga to the students and to develop a skill set that allows them to use yoga as a means to facilitate the physical and emotional well-being of individuals. Furthermore, the program also emphasises the need for inculcating a sense of community and togetherness by engaging in a common goal. The 650+ students enrolled in the program were provided rigorous training, and have demonstrated mastery over these skills.

About the University (DPSRU)

The Delhi Pharmaceutical Sciences and Research University (DPSRU) is the first Pharmacy University of India. Established in 2015, by the Delhi Government. It is a 100% GIA University that offers a variety of courses from Pharmaceutical Research to Physiotherapy and Occupational Therapy. DPSRU has maintained a comprehensive and multidisciplinary pedagogy of learning and research allowing students to benefit in terms of campus placements. Currently it has 5 Schools, 9 Centres of Excellence and over 2000 students being mentored by about 200 teaching and non-teaching staff. It has 6 certificate, 3 Diploma, 4 U.G., 19 P.G. & 7 Ph.D. courses in pharmaceutical and allied health sciences. It is a research extensive University with MoUs with about 40 National & International bodies including healthcare and pharmaceutical industries.