Frequently Asked Questions

Everything you need to know about Dilli Ki Yogshala.

  • Firstly, you need a group of at least 25 participants who are interested in taking the classes. From these participants, one person may be nominated to be the ‘Group Coordinator’, who then registers themselves on the website.
  • They can register on our website (registration page linked on “website”) by entering details such as their name, contact number, address, etc.
  • The venue for conducting the classes is nominated by the group coordinator during the registration process.
  • After registration, an Instructor visits your area to register the group’s participants. They will also finalise the nominated venue and time-slots for conducting the classes.
No. The classes are being offered to the public completely free of cost.
No. The yoga classes are designed to be inclusive of all age groups.
The venue will be nominated by the participants. The group coordinator will fill in the nominated venue during the registration process on the website. It will be finalised after an inspection by the instructor.
The classes will be held six days a week, as per the timings discussed between the group coordinator and instructor.
Classes will be conducted by certified yoga Instructors enrolled at the Centre for Meditation and Yoga Sciences (CMYS), who hold a certificate/diploma from the Delhi Pharmaceutical Sciences & Research University (DPSRU). These instructors have undergone rigorous training and are proficient in yoga and meditative practices.
Yes, COVID guidelines will be followed and all social distancing protocols will be maintained at the venue.
No yoga mats/materials will be provided. All members are requested to bring their own mats to the venue.
There are no specific requirements. You are expected to wear comfortable clothes which do not restrict your movement.
You will be duly notified and sent relevant details via text message and WhatsApp.
You may provide feedback about the sessions here. For complaints, you may contact us here
Attendance is required for ensuring the group members’ participation in the sessions. Weekly updates regarding the attendance will be sent to all.
If the number of people attending classes is consistently under 25 for a week, then classes will be suspended until the criteria are met.
The classes will be one hour long, held six days a week.
The group coordinator is a link between the instructor and the participants. It is a voluntary role that anyone from the group can take on. The group coordinator registers themselves on the website on behalf of the other members.
The role of a Group Coordinator is essential in this door-to-door initiative. As a representative of the group’s members, the Group Coordinator:
  • Will help choose the venue for the classes, in consensus with all group members.
  • Will be a point of contact between the group members and the instructor.
  • Will work alongside the assigned instructor in deciding the time-slots for the classes after discussing with all members of the group.
  • Will help ensure the group members’ participation/attendance in the classes.
A group of at least 25 participants from your locality is required to begin the registration process. Only one participant may register(link) themselves on the website and begin the process.
  • The member who registers herself/himself on the website on behalf of all the participants becomes the ‘Group Coordinator’.
  • Next, an appropriate venue is nominated by the Group Coordinator.
  • Afterwards, an instructor is sent to verify and finalise the location. The timings for the class are also finalised after reaching a mutual consensus with the participants.
No. This is a purely voluntary role and there is no monetary compensation/pay for the same.
  • You may create a WhatsApp group
  • Spread information by word of mouth.
No. A minimum of 25 members is mandatory to register your group.
  • The venue needs to be in a central area that is easily accessible to all the group participants.
  • It should be clean and spacious so that classes can be conducted efficiently.
If you think a group member is consistently absent, you may ask them to confirm or cancel their participation for future classes and inform the Instructor about the same. You may also nominate another person in their place.
If an Instructor is absent without prior information, you are required to immediately inform the District Coordinator, whose details would have been shared with you priorly.
As the group coordinator, you are expected to mark attendance of your group members. You will be given a form, which you have to duly fill after each class.
You can provide your feedback, comments and complaints here
You will have to nominate someone else from your group and make them understand all the responsibilities that come with being a group coordinator. You will also be required to communicate this change to your instructor.